Jack Carr x Ball and Buck Hunter's Shirt

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Designed for individuals who resonate with the ethos, "Run to the sound of the guns," the Ball and Buck X Jack Carr Limited Edition Shirt #002 is the latest in the limited edition series. This shirt, influenced by military-grade materials such as wetsuit neoprene, is created to ensure preparedness for any challenge. Accompanied by a hand-signed copy of the captivating new novel, Only the Dead, by Jack Carr, this package transcends a simple product - it's a definitive statement.

The Hunter's Shirt design intricately features the iconic crossed tomahawks, a symbol of bravery and pride. Under the premise that "New evils require new remedies," the Ball and Buck X Jack Carr Limited Edition Shirt #002 is positioned as a unique addition to any wardrobe.


  • Modern Athletic Fit For A Balance Of Mobility And Style
  • Double Back Pleat For Extra Room Through The Shoulders
  • Tech Vent® Underarm Ventilation
  • Curved Bottom Hem Line For Tucked Or Untucked Wear


  • 4.5 OZ 100% Cotton Reverse French Twill
  • 9mm Bullet Rivet On Lower Side Seam

Style Features:

  • Crossed Tomahawks Embroidery On Elbow Patches
  • 9mm Bullet Rivet On Lower Side Seam
  • Blaze Orange Bottom Button Hole
  • Concealed "Long Live The Brotherhood" Printed On Inside Front Placket
  • Crossed Tomahawk Logo On Bottom Center Front Placket