Allegiance Flag Supply American Flag

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This exclusive collaboration between Allegiance Flag Supply and Jack Carr represents the embodiment of patriotism and unyielding strength. Entirely made in the U.S., the flag aligns with Jack Carr's mission to honor American servicemen and women and Allegiance's commitment to American craftsmanship. It's not merely a piece of fabric but stands as a symbol of resilience, liberty, and true grit.

Constructed using the most durable nylon fabric, it features embroidered stars and is created through a meticulous hand-stitching process, setting it apart as a superior flag. Each flag is respectfully folded into a proper triangle and packaged in 100% recyclable material.

Notably, the Allegiance American Flag is entirely sourced and made in the USA by highly skilled sewers. This initiative proudly revives jobs lost as the American textile industry shifted overseas, creating invaluable benefits for workers, customers, and the nation.

Dimensions: 3' x 5'